Welcome to our class blog!

This blog is a project of the Music Education graduate students enrolled in Music 9582: Music and Society at The University of Western Ontario.

One of the outcomes of this course is to consider how music and society continually interact with and influence each other in a variety of global and local contexts as reflected in various systems of music education. This blog represents some of our work toward doing so. Over the course of the term, we’ll blog about the ideas we encounter in two seminal books and a variety of other sources as they currently relate to music education and our own teaching and learning experiences. We start with the revised version of Christopher Small’s Music, Society, Education (1977, revised 1997) and Tia DeNora’s (2001) Music Everyday Life and then branch out into a variety of topics related to current topics in music education, such as technoculture, globalization, and educational transfer. We hope that you’ll enjoy our blogging and engage with our ideas by leaving comments on our posts.

Blogging as class activity was specifically chosen because it is a form of social-mediated, Web 2.0 activity, and such types of activity increasingly represent the ways in which music learning occurs and musical participation is enacted within a digitally networked society.

If you’re like to learn more about course, you can contact us.